Top 6 Apps To Help Guard Your Mental Health At Work

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Today’s world has become competitive, with every day passing the work stress reaches its maximum height. This affects not only our physical health but also mental health such as mood disorders, and anxiety. That’s why it becomes essential to protect our health. In this regard, surprisingly, we have presented handy applications that protect your mental health at work. Wondering about those apps? Let’s find it out here.

Top 6 Apps to Help Guard Your Mental Health at Work
Top 6 Apps to Help Guard Your Mental Health at Work

Applications For Better Mental Health At Work

SuperBetter- Resilience Development

From anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, the SuperBetter application aids you to tackle various mental health issues. It assists you in building a real life resilience, including optimism, and motivation. Thus, you overcome difficult situations and quickly attain our goals. It’s well-suited with both Android plus IOS.

RR- Eating Disorder Management For Mental Health At Work

RR or recovery record allows you to keep track of the treatment of complex conditions like undereating, overeating, and body shape obsession. It enables you to set goals and log. Also, it offers tailor-made healthy eating plans to cope with. With hassle-free collaboration, it is strengthening your recovery path. RR is ably accessible on both iOS and Android smartphones.

PTSD Coach- PTSD Management

Top 6 Apps to Help Guard Your Mental Health at Work
Top 6 Apps To Help Guard Your Mental Health At Work

If you are going through PTSD, then you can turn up PTSD coach. It is specially designed for veterans and military service members. It educates users and offers insights on the care path. Thus, you can take interactive self-assessment tests like anger management, positive self-talk, relaxation skills. It is customizable.

Sanvello- For Mental Health At Work

It’s known as Pacifica, which offers users validated methods to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. It tracks your daily mood and guide journey as per the mindful meditation and CBT. It breaks the negative cycle, and you aware of how you feel. It’s also accessible on together android and iOS.

Moodpath- Depression And Anxiety

Moodpath is the best know for tracking your mood. It supports conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress. It asks you the right questions daily, and your answer reflects your thoughts and emotions. Thus, the app generates bi-weekly evaluations which got shared with mental health professionals. It offers helpful resources like CBT based exercises. You can listen and read them.

The Fabulous App For Building Healthy Mental Health At Work

It’s a real path to accomplish sound mental health. With the health care app, you are allowed to make small and productive changes in your routine and habit. Habits like drinking more water after breathing exercise and doing yoga are incorporated.

Another important thing is food. It will help if you take a healthy diet daily. Try putting in a lunch box and have it at work.

Double Layered Bento Lunch Box

It’s a microwavable and BPA-free food container that keeps your food fully packed. Thus, convenient to use. It has a couple of chopsticks.


All the applications mentioned here for protecting your mental health at work operates well on iOS and android. You can attempt and have an enjoyable experience.

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