Signs Of Lack Of Self Confidence In A Person

Signs Of Lack Of Self Confidence In A Person

Lack of self-confidence can affect a person’s entire life. It can affect emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Most of the time, people with lack of self-confidence also have low self-esteem and self-worth. Low self-worth creates fear which leads to a lack of self-confidence. And, when a person is lacking self-confidence, that person starts to expect failure which can lead to extreme feelings of over-achievement or underachievement.

Need to explain.

One of the most notable signs of lack of self-confidence in a person is having the constant need to explain things. Failure can happen to anyone, but those who are lacking in self-confidence often find themselves giving reasons or making up excuses for their failures. It is also worth noting that people with low self-confidence still have the need to explain their decisions or actions to others, even if they were successful.

Likes to blame others.

If you know someone who always complains and blame others for their mistakes, it can mean that they are low in self-confidence. This attitude tries to take off the responsibility from the one who did a mistake and put it on others so they won’t be viewed as a failure.

Always comes up with excuses. People that are low in self-confidence always find themselves making up excuses for their mistakes or failures. When criticized, they immediately make up excuses to cover up their mistakes or failures. Confident people, on the other hand, likes to listen to constructive criticism. A person with lack of self-confidence always the need to make excuses as a way to keep himself being called worthless by others.

Needs acceptance from others.

People that are low in self-confidence always have the need to be accepted by others. They always want to be appreciated and validated by others. If they don’t get the appreciation they want, they often become disappointed especially if they are receiving criticism. This pushes their self-confidence even lower.

Doesn’t enjoy success.

Some people’s self-confidence is so low that they no longer enjoy success. People with low self-confidence are so overachieving that they are no longer capable of appreciating success. Instead of enjoying success, they like to think that they just got lucky and believes that it won’t happen again.

Fear of change.

Lack of self-confidence can also cause people to be content with they are now. Even if they are in a bad job or in a relationship, they are afraid to make some changes because they fear that they may lose everything. Self-confidence affects our ability to make good decisions for our lives.


The one thing that I don’t like about people with low self-confidence is their negativity. If you lack self-confidence, you develop a pessimistic attitude that likes to think negatively in critical situations. People with low self-confidence also like burst out his negative feelings to the people around him and lacks the ability to think on the positive side of things.

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