Parents Must Know The Benefits Of Using Loose Leaf Notebook

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I think all the conventional note-taking alternatives have already been in suggestion for you. I’ll mention that I prefer to take notes on either a top-bound notepad or a steno-pad or Loose Leaf Notebook. The steno-pad is smaller and coil-bound, and cheap, and I can slip one in a purse or bag. The top-bound notepad I keep in a purpose-built case. I have a couple of those cases that fit different sizes of notepads and have room for pens, etc.

Parents Must Know The Benefits Of Using Loose Leaf Notebook

Parents Must Know The Benefits Of Using Loose Leaf Notebook

Just be careful not to get notepads that are in perforation at the top for tearing off, unless you want to tear off the pages periodically and file them in a binder. That can be a good alternative if you are going to be taking a lot of notes for one course, as the notepads are arguably more helpful to write on than loose-leaf, but you can still have the option of a binder, rather than ending up with a collection of notepads.

Features Of Loose Leaf Notebook

Notebooks are good for the overall organization, and you don’t quickly lose individual sheets of paper, but it can be not very pleasant to study with. I prefer to have math formulas or important English tips on their unique sheets, but I don’t want to have to flip back and forth between the methods and examples on different parts of the notebook. “Oh, this homework problem on the last page uses a formula on the 16th page of the same notebook. Let me flip back there — oh wait, it’s not there. Gotta keep flipping until I find it.”

Besides, there are notebooks designed with pages that can rip off, but nearly all of them require some effort for clean ripping, which is entirely unnecessary work.

Parents Must Know The Benefits Of Using Loose Leaf Notebook

Parents Must Know The Benefits Of Using Loose Leaf Notebook


What Type Of Paper Notebooks Are Best To Use?

I teach high school English, and what I’ve found is that students’ notebooks follow a core truth that all people, past and present, are in line.

The medium only matters if it fosters success for learning.

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t use a medium, like a notebook, note cards, a laptop, etc. I mean, your learning is not defined by any one system.

So find whatever seems comfortable, or cold, or flashy, or cheap, or whatever process you care about because it won’t matter what it is so long as it works for you.

If your concern is the length of notes, I would

1.     Ensure you’re taking only vital signs down, because

2. It would be best if you were committing many broad ideas to memory so you can

3.     Focus on the branches and details that would otherwise be forgotten.

What I wrote in bold is all you would need.

 English certainly differs from science. But I still imagine you may be preparing to write too much and to study the things you already understand too long. But, through no fault of your own.

Note-taking is one of the least addressed areas in school systems in the US. This is because teachers often assume students know just what they mean, no matter how difficult things may be in actual. Usually, lecturing will not be in detail enough for everyone. and teachers may feel as if they’re not to give time to show students how to take proper notes.

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