Best Self Development Podcasts to Motivate and Inspire You

self development podcasts

Motivational news is always good for the heart and soul. It calms your mind and makes you feel good about yourself. And with the rise of podcasts as to talk shows to what they are now, people around the globe are really enjoying content that they dish out. So when you combine motivational talks as well as podcasts, you have a winning combination. So here are the top motivational podcasts you need now!

The GaryVee Audio Experience

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This guy is definitely successful and has the voice that you would want to listen to for hours on out. He provides motivational talks as well as share his stories to his listeners that have the best self development podcasts that you can hear around the globe. He also talks about valuable life lessons like marketing tips for your business and most importantly, empower your life.

Gary Vaynerchuk or more warmly known as Gary Vee started his journey into motivational podcasts because of his own story. Born in Belarus and moved to the United States when he was just a toddler. He was able to rebrand his parents liquor store and made it focus on wine and created a hefty sum of $3 million per year into $60 million. That’s where his success story began and where podcasts came in.

The Art of Charm

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The founders of this podcast, A.J. Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak have more than a decade’s experience in coaching life lessons to the people who need it. From their ‘elite emotional intelligence’ camps that are designed to be used as advanced social skills, to talking about anything under the sun on the duos podcasts.

The 700 and counting podcasts also serve as a kind of boot camp that would help you develop relationships, boost confidence, and help you find your own happiness. So if you’re moving into the next stage of relationships to starting your own business, the duos podcasts are the ones you would want to listen to and equip yourself with the right tools to succeed.

Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins has been a motivational speaker for a very long time, also an author, life coach, and a philanthropist. He has gained a considerable following because of his books and his motivational speeches and now you get to listen to him at his very own podcasts. He used to have a tumor that made him grow taller than most boys his age, but thankfully, it has stabilized and poses no risk to his health whatsover.

Robbins’ name has been synonymous with the word ‘motivational speaker’ and that’s because of his impact in his speeches. Truly, you will feel motivated when listening to one of his stories and there is no doubt that you can learn more than you bargained for before you entered the building.


So there you have it, the best self development podcasts to listen to right now among all others. There are a lot more podcasts who offer the same thing but the three listed above stand a cut above the rest. Listen to the podcasts to see just why people find them so appealing and you’ll find out why.

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