The Things That Are Keeping You From Being Happy

The Things That Are Keeping You From Being Happy

People are pretty fond of complaining about the things that are always happening in their lives. Lots of people feel like they are the victims of the world. This is because they see that so many good things are happening to other people whereas, everything that is going on in their lives is the opposite of what they want to happen in their life.

I know this too well because there was actually a time when I was one of these people. I, too, thought that nothing in life is going right. I feel like everything in my life was headed in the right direction.

It actually took me years to realize what are the things that I am doing wrong in my life. You see, people are never victims of the world. They are in the situation they are in right now because of wrong decision making.

So now that I am way past that stage, I was to tell you a thing or two about the things that are actually keeping you from achieving the kind of happiness you want and deserve in this life.

Things or People

No man is an island, but if you are not happy with your life right now, I reserve the right to tell you that it is probably because you are tying your happiness into a particular thing or particular person.

I’ll tell you this. If you want to become happy in life, then you need to give your life some sort of purpose. With that, instead of tying or existence to either things or people, you might as well look for a specific goal in life.


I am not trying to be a hypocrite here. I know what lots of people think about people who are confident. There are so many people who judge confident and optimistic people quite unfairly.

But the thing is being confident and look at the positive side of the situation is actually possible. Doing those things does not necessarily make you a bad person.

You see, a lot of people tries to make themselves happy through superficial things. This may work now, but know that this is not for the long run.

There are things that you want to do in life and if you want to be happy, then you need to start doing these things that you want to do whatever they are.

There will be days when you will be in doubt, but that is perfectly normal. What’s not normal is actually falling for this trickery.

You need to take risks. If you want to be happy then you need to start doing the things that you want no matter how impossible or ridiculous it may seem.

Happy with Friends

Friends are important in our lives, I agree. If you feel lonely in your life, this can probably mean that you either do not have any friends or you do not have the right friends.

Let me tell you something. Not having the right home buds to kick it with is almost exactly the same as not having any friends at all. With that, you need to choose your friends very wisely.

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